Leading world media writes about the Patriotic War and the Khojaly genocide

Read: 388     10:26     01 March 2021    

The world's leading media outlets have published reports on the lands liberated by Azerbaijan in the Great Patriotic War and articles on the anniversary of the Khojaly genocide.


Journalist Hasan Haydar Diab's report published in the Croatian "Aksham newspaper" states that in the 44-day war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Armenia fired SCUD-B and Tochka ballistic missiles at Azerbaijan's Ganja. BM-30 Smerch missiles fired on the city of Barda, killing dozens of civilians. According to the international conventions, the use of Smerch missiles consisting of cluster bombs is prohibited.

The journalist said that international human rights organizations also condemned Armenia's strike on Azerbaijani cities hundreds of kilometers away from the frontline. He noted that the main target of the Armenian attack on the city of Mingachevir was the largest reservoir in the South Caucasus and wanted to cause a large-scale disaster.

The article says that Hasan Haydar Diab is the first journalist visiting Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Gubadli regions, where bloody battles took place between the Azerbaijani and Armenian armies during the 44-day war. The journalist said that he had been waiting for several months to be allowed to visit these areas because of the large number of mines in the area. 

Hasan Haydar Diab stressed the difficulties related to mine clearance because the Armenians did not provide a map of the mined areas. The journalist stated that everything, even cemeteries had been destroyed in the liberated territories.


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