ANAMA continues operational searches in frontline areas

Read: 1255     21:56     26 November 2020    

On 24-25 November, 2020 ANAMA received 38 (thirty eighty) emergency calls from the  ″102 ″ Service Call Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 7 (seven) calls from the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations about shells falling on the territory of Agjabadi, Aghdam, Beylagan, Fizuli, Goranboy, Goygol and  Terter regions, reports.

As response action to the reported 45 emergency calls ANAMA in close coordination with the specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted 28 emergency and operational clearance field missions. As reported 71 pieces of unexploded ordnance, 2 pieces of anti-tank mines, 42 pieces of anti-personnel mine, 4 pieces of bomblets and 40 exploded shell remnants were found as a result of mission.

ANAMA’s demolition team neutralized 26 pieces of mines and unexploded ordnances and 4 pieces of bomblets. Explosive Remnants Awareness Specialists conducted explosive remnants risk awareness campaign among 80 141 civilians.


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