Turkish defence industry aims for greater local content during expansion

Read: 481     15:30     21 January 2019    

Turkey’s defence industry is working hard to increase the amount of local parts and materials in its products as the country seeks to boost its security and global importance, state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

Turkish weapons systems are currently produced using an average 68 percent of locally sourced content, Anadolu said.

Last year, Turkey tested an engine to be used in the production of locally made helicopters. It sold 30 attack helicopters to Pakistan in 2018, its largest defence export on record. It also completed test flights for the general-purpose Gokbey helicopter, the news wire said.

Turkey is looking to boost its sales of defence products at home and abroad to reduce its reliance on imports and compete with manufacturers in Western countries, Russia and China. The government says the initiative will also strengthen national security, rendering the country more independent from nations such as the United States, which has traditionally supplied much of the country’s armaments but withheld some weapons due to human rights concerns.  

The Turkish military has ordered 250 locally made Atalay tanks for its ground forces. The country is also making progress in production of more advanced unmanned drones and an agreement has been signed with defence contractors Aselsan and Roketsan to develop the nation’s own long-range air defence missile systems, Anadolu said.



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