Spokesman: Iran's Defense, Missile Power Not Liable to Negotiation

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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi termed Iran's defence and missile power as a redline of the Islamic Republic that might never go under negotiation, but meantime said his nation could explain its stances in meetings with neighbours to ensure them of its peaceful intentions.

"There are some views in a number of European states about issues related to Iran, including defence and missile issues that are not negotiable in our view. We have stated several times and emphasize now that there is no justification for their concerns as we (also) believe it (missile power) to be a redline of the Islamic Republic of Iran," Qassemi said on Sunday.

He underlined that Iran's defence power is just a defensive and deterrent policy earned through experiencing the 8-year Iraqi-imposed war.

"This policy is a fully clear and calculated and will harm no country in the region and the world," Qassemi said, adding that Iran is trying to remove the unnecessary concerns in talks with the regional, neighbouring and other countries.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined the deterrent nature of his country's defence and missile programs, adding that Tehran has never used its power to attack other countries.

"We don’t strengthen our military power to attack other countries, but our defence power is just deterrent or aimed at defending the country in certain conditions," President Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran.

"Our weapons are for peace, strengthening stability and security and for dissuading others from making aggression against our country; therefore, no one should be concerned about Iran's weapons and missiles and reinvigoration of Iran's defence power," he added.

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