25 Chinese military planes enter Taiwan's ADIZ

Read: 441     16:29     01 October 2021    

As many as 25 Chinese military aircraft flew into the southwestern part of Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) Friday, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

The Chinese aircraft consisted of 18 J-16 and four SU-30 fighters, two H-6 bombers, and one Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane, according to a report released by the ministry.

All of the aircraft were spotted between Taiwan and the Taiwanese-held Pratas Islands southwest of the island, a chart in the report showed.

That airspace is considered part of Taiwan's ADIZ, an area declared by a country to allow it to identify, locate and control approaching foreign aircraft, but such zones are not considered territorial airspace.

The Taiwan Air Force responded by scrambling planes to monitor the Chinese aircraft, issuing radio warnings, and mobilizing air defense assets, the ministry said.

The highest number of Chinese military planes to enter Taiwan's ADIZ in a single day since the ministry started making public such movements on Sept. 17, 2020 was 28 on June 15 this year, two days after the Group of Seven (G7) highlighted the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

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