US planning military parade around November 11

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The Pentagon is planning a military parade for around November 11 -- the anniversary of the end of World War One -- following President Donald Trump's request for a show of force, the Department of Defense said Thursday.


"We are looking towards November 11th, around Veterans Day," spokesperson Dana White said.

White added the parade could be "in conjunction with the World War I centennial celebrations" scheduled to culminate on November 11, 2018, which is known as Veterans Day in the United States.

"So it would be a celebration, not only of our currently serving service members, but also those of the past," she said.

The White House announced in February that Trump wanted a parade to highlight the United States' military power, in an untraditional demonstration of force.

The announcement sparked a strong public reaction, particularly regarding the estimated $20 million price tag -- a figure based on military parades during Barack Obama's inaugurations, which cost $21 million and $26 million according to the Pentagon.

The request for a parade came after Trump was impressed by France's Bastille Day parade, where he was received with great fanfare by French President Emmanuel Macron in July 2017.

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