Russian diplomat worries over war threat on Korean Peninsula

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The threat of an armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula is big as never before and any reckless step may trigger deplorable consequences, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nenebnzya said on Friday at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the situation in that region.

The world, in his words, is living through "an acutest and dramatic phase of the development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula." "It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that peace in that region is going through serious trials and the threat of the confrontation’s developing into a hot phase is big as never before," he said.

"Belligerent rhetoric and reckless show of muscle have led to a situation when the whole world is making guesses about the probability of a war," the Russian diplomat said. "It is a fact of life that in such a tense situation any reckless or wrongly interpreted step may trigger deplorable consequences.
He stressed that attempts to resolve the crisis on the Korean Peninsula by military means are inadmissible and called to abandon the policy of mutual pressure and intimidation.

According to the Russian diplomat, North Korea will never abandon its nuclear program as long as it "feels a direct threat to its security." He called on the United States and South Korea to refrain from regular military drills near the Korean Peninsula and on North Korea to stop nuclear tests.

He expressed doubts in the United States’ commitment to peaceful settlement of the crisis, pointing to the fact that whereas North Korea had refrained from provocative steps for more than two months, Washington and its allies had stages "unprecedented big manoeuvres and drills near the North Korean border." More to it, the United States had imposed further unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang and listed North Korea among terrorism sponsor countries, Nebenzya added.

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