GAYastan army – Animation movie about Armenian soldiers - Video

Read: 303     12:32     28 November 2017    
The Armenian Army has recently observed the increase in the homosexuality among the soldiers. Although army is a closed environment, this kind of facts remain anonymous, but the most terrible crimes have leaked. However, even the leaked information is enough to understand the situation.

For instance, in September, Gevorg Asoyan killed himself as he was sexually assaulted by his fellow soldiers.

In August, the parents of the soldiers, who were sexually assaulted by Andranik Mkrtchyan, took revenge on him by raping him. As a result, “Ando” committed suicide.

We can give other examples. However, the thing is that the situation is critical in the Armenian Army regarding the homosexuality and sexual crimes. If it continues like this, Hysetan Army will turn to GAYastan Army. has prepared an animation movie showing this problem in the Armenian Army.


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