New Belgian museum to honour Polish WWII soldiers

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Polish WWII soldiers are to be commemorated in an interactive museum which is to be set up in the northeastern Belgian town of Leopoldsburg.

The Liberation Garden museum is to pay special attention to the role Polish fighters played in liberating Belgian and Dutch cities from Nazi German occupation.

Poland’s Ambassador to Belgium Artur Orzechowski told Polish Radio that 27 Polish soldiers from Polish General Stanisław Maczek’s tank division, which was instrumental in the Allied liberation of a number of Belgian towns, were buried in Leopoldsburg.

The city is also the site of the start of failed Operation Market Garden, one of the largest airborne campaigns of World War II, which saw Polish soldiers fight alongside British, Dutch, US and Canadian forces.

The museum in Leopoldsburg is to focus particularly on Market Garden, which included the infamous Battle of Arnhem.

It failed because the allies underestimated Germany’s strength.

The blame was pinned on Polish commander Stanisław Sosabowski, who was removed as the commanding officer from his brigade. 


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