Graves of 2,000 soldiers from Greek-Turkish war located

Read: 8762     12:35     14 February 2019    

A group of geophysics researchers managed to locate the graves of some 2,000 Turkish soldiers that fell during the Battle of Sakarya in the Greco-Turkish War in 1921. Graves were found in 16 different locations near the battlefield, which is located between Polatlı and Haymana, two modern-day districts of the capital Ankara.

Sakarya, named after the banks of the river where the battle was fought, was one of the longest battles, taking place over a span of 20 days in August and September 1921.

It ultimately ended Greek forces' advance into Anatolia, while Turkey was fighting its war of independence after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Some 19,000 soldiers died in the war, which is also called the "Officers' War," as a large number of casualties were military officers rather than conscripts.



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