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by Seymur Mammadov

‘Nagorny Karabakh must be returned under the Azerbaijani jurisdiction with broad powers of autonomy.’

This was the statement by Gabor Stir, famous Hungarian journalist and political analyst, to Defence.az.

He says the Karabakh conflict is the USSR heritage.

‘Nagorno-Karabakh should be granted broad powers of autonomy, otherwise the solution of this problem does not seem possible. This is a very sensitive issue, which has to be resolved through peaceful means’, Stir noted.
He also talked about why the UN SC resolutions do not apply to Armenia, the political analyst said that UN has become obsolete and needs reforming.

‘Resolutions do not work in regards to other countries as well. The UN does not correspond to topical challenges. The major powers are the ones, who can solve problems, as they are more efficient than the UN. If an international organization as UN is not up to the task of responding to modern challenges, it means it needs reforming.

At the same time, I think we should all draw a lesson from the Karabakh conflict, as we in Central Europe have also started having ethnic problems. As of now, I do not see any compromises in the Karabakh issue, as there is not even a tinge of trust between the conflicting sides. But I believe that if Armenia manages to normalize relations with Turkey, this could be the first step towards resolving the conflict.

And everything that is happening around Karabakh, I mean negotiations and meetings, points at the fact that there will be no sliding towards war. It is crucial that the sides continue negotiating on Karabakh and that there is no large-scale war’, our respondent concluded.

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