Turkey and Israel will remain neutral in case of Russian-American War - OPINION

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by Bahram Batiyev

The situation around Syria is extremely tense and the possibility of a clash between Russia and the West in this corner of the world is rather high.

This was the statement by Israel Shamir, a Russian-Israeli political columnist, to Armiya.az, while commenting the tense situation in the Near East.

Shamir says any small detail can lead to a military clash between Russia and the USA in Syria.

- Overall, Trump is a rather unpredictable fellow and that is why, we cannot exclude that any little detail may provoke the American president to start a military clash with Russia. His actions depend a huge variety of factors, and even his personal life, Shamir said.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that should an open military class start between Russia and the USA in the Near East, Israel will try to preserve neutrality.

- Based on the experience of previous near-eastern wars, we can assume that Israel will try to remain outside the Russian-American conflict. Will it be able to do so? That depends entirely on the course of warfare.

By the way, the same goes for Turkey. It is hard to imagine now that Turkey will take anybody’s side should a Russian-American conflict being. The most the Turkish side might attempt is closing the straits, which, by the way, will be helping Russia more, said Shamir.

One of the famous American analysts, an Advisory Board Member of the Geostrategic Forecasting Corp. in Chicago, Gordon Hahn, thinks that a military showdown between Russia and the USA because of Syria is quite possible.

- A war is presumable, but I think none of the parties wants it now. Nevertheless, history has taught us that a war may break out even when no one wants it. The main threat now is an accidental clash of American and Russian planes over Syria or accidental death of Russian or American soldiers as a result of an airstrike by an opponent. It seems as though Trump’s warning that Moscow should “get ready” for an airstrike targeted at Syrian troops, one may find it a signal that Washington will order an airstrike and that Moscow has to provide its security and relocate the Russian troops. In any case, the situation around Syria at the moment is extremely dangerous, Hahn concluded.

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