Armenians confess to their terror attacks - PHOTOFACT

Read: 1125     16:05     22 November 2017    
Armenians have never confessed the shootdown of Azerbaijan’s “Mi-8” helicopter over the Karakend village of Khojaly district up until now. Instead, they used to conduct a lie campaign saying that it was just helicopter crash which killed Azerbaijan’s political and governmental officials on board.

Investigations claim that helicopter was hit by bullets. In this regard, Armenian campaign blamed the Azerbaijani side for shooting down the helicopter. Obviously, even thinking about it is absurd. Armenians used the same campaign during the 25-year-period. However, even the professional liar confuses and tells the truth early or late. In the 26th anniversary of the Karakend tragedy, Armenia’s propaganda machine revealed itself.

People who follow Armenia’s anti-Azerbaijan propaganda know Sedrak Mkrtchyan well. This blogger (Twitter address: @517design), who hate Azerbaijan, is a professional propagandist. Every day he tweets many anti-Azerbaijan posts. On November 20, he tweeted the following post:

“26yrs ago #onThisDay helicopter w/ Ismet Gaibov (prosecutor of #Sumgait during 1988 massacre of #Armenia|ns, later appointed #Azerbaijan prosecutor general as a good puppy) & a dozen other #Azerbaijan officials on board destroyed by #Artsakh Self-Defense forces”.

Oooppss… What? Does the main face of the Armenian provocation stand against the thesis proposed by his country during the last 25 years?

It seems, Sedrak’s curators understood his foolish mistake immediately and gave a fillip on his head. Sedrak immediately deleted that post.

If you remember, Voland said: ‘’Manuscripts don’t burn”. It is same with the internet as nothing disappears without leaving a trace! So, other bloggers and several Armenian websites also saw that thesis and shared it.

Reality is like a demon: If it gets out of the bottle, it is impossible to prevent it. Indeed professional propagandist, Sedrak Mkrtchyan’s hatred against Azerbaijanis serves to Azerbaijan. Even if it was 26 years later, the world saw that the helicopter was shot down by Armenia as they confessed!

At first, “” wrote an article claiming that Former General Prosecutor Ismet Gayibov who died in the Mi-8 helicopter was punished because of the investigation of Sumgayit Events. Following that, another blogger Ruzanna_A(@avaruva) shared that post with the following comment: “Nothing remains unpunished. Azerbaijani prosecutor who participated in Sumgayit Events was punished after years”.


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