Special Assistant to the Pakistani PM: “Azerbaijan can count on us” – Exclusive

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by Seymur Mammadov

‘Azerbaijan is a beautiful country. I believe the potential of cultural and economic cooperation between our countries does not yet cover its full potential. We should build our ties in this direction.’

This was the comment of the special assistant to the Pakistani Prime Minister Masood Malik.

He says, Pakistan considers it a priority to study the experience of Azerbaijan in the economic sphere.

‘When it comes to military cooperation, there is also a great potential in this area. Pakistan has become a significant weapon producer today, manufacturing the JF-17 combat aircraft. I believe Islamabad could achieve great success in the field of modern aviation.

Nowadays, every country, including Azerbaijan, has opportunities to reinforce their fleets with modern combat aircrafts. Pakistan has done tremendous work in building such aircrafts. We are putting together research communities and innovation clusters around it. There are dozens of areas, we export these planes to, but I think we can take advantage of more opportunities in this sphere’, Malik said.

Speaking of reasons that hinder the resolution of the Kashmir problem, the special advisor to the Minister says it is primarily due to “real politics”. He says the dynamic of world politics, especially the UN, has become much softer.

‘Just look at what is happening in the Middle East. There is lack of resolutions. I call this tactical politics, rather than principal politics. We also support Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which still remains unresolved. Azerbaijan can count on us’, Malik concluded.

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