Israeli Expert: “Iskander” will not be deployed in the Karabakh War

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By Seymur Mammadov

‘The “Iskander” will not be deployed, should the Karabakh war be resumed.’

This was the statement of the Israeli military expert Alexander Eterman to

He believes, “Iskander” is a completely unfitting weapon for the war in Karabakh.

‘Such powerful weapon is not launched on troops or tanks; it is used to strike large-scale objects only. Moreover, weapons such as “Iskander” are deployed at large wars with the participation of large countries. Which is why I would exclude the deployment of the “Iskander” in the Karabakh War’, said A. Eterman.

The Israeli expert also commented on whether the Israeli air defence system is capable of intercepting the “Iskander” missile and said that it seems possible to a certain extent. Israel is not trying to drag Azerbaijan into its wars and misfortunes, as the European State attaches great significance to economic relations with Baku, the expert noted.

‘We are confident in the reliability of supply from Azerbaijan, who is an important strategic ally for us. As reciprocation, Israel may supply you with weapons and technologies, which is already happening. Israel has contemporary models of weapons, whereas Azerbaijan has the money for it. Whether Azerbaijan will want to rely on Israeli armaments only is a completely different issue.

Azerbaijan might request from Israel what it needs or what Russia cannot or does not want to supply. UAVs might be useful for Baku and, as far as I know, they came in handy for the Azerbaijani army in the April fights of 2016. They are truly good and modern. We also have special means, which can remain in the air for a long time and suddenly appear in spots where they are not expected and deemed unwelcome’, Eterman concluded.

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