"US will not interfere the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict"

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s Asia tour has taken place not only in the background of the concern over the North Korea but also worries of Asian allies of the USA over the increased influence of China and US approach to China. What was Trump's aim in this tour? What does the Asian region expect following this tour? What stands behind Tillerson's statement on the use of military force all over the world? Why does the Pentagon continue to allocate billions of dollars for combat against "the Russian aggression"? What awaits for the Middle East and Europe Post-ISIS period? Can the USA resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

The military analyst, the consultant of the Pentagon, retired US Army Major General Paul E. Vallely gave an interview to Armiya.az.

- Why did U.S president Trump make a tour to Asia?

There are multiple reasons and objectives for President Trump trip to the Far East at this time. First, it is the first visit to the Orient after his visits to the Middle East (Saudi trip) and to Europe. The President's mission was to establish renewed ties to the countries he visited and express the President's vision of trade, alliances and instill a sense of respect and credibility of the US in working the those nations as well as his concern for the threats presented by North Korea to the region and the US. It appears all went better that was expected and represented a new America to those in the region as well as Russia. I was very happy that Putin and Trump could meet and talk. It is very important for China, Russia and the US to work together to solve many of the global issues.

- However, the Pentagon allocated 4 -6 billion dollars to combat against "the Russian aggression". Will hybrid war between Russia and the USA intensify?

As I know, the new budget for US Armed Forces is to rebuild the military after 8 years under Obama and to be able to respond in strength to any threats against the US or/and its allies. It has nothing to do with Russia. I see no Russian aggression against the USA. Putin and Trump will work together now and tension will decrease.

- The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has recently urged the Congress to authorize the use of military force all over the world. According to him, a new permission to use of military force shouldn't be limited to a geographical point of view. US Defense Minister James Mattis also expressed the same position. What stands behind Tillerson's call?

Only means that the President will not be held back to use military force against viable and real threats to US territory or US interests. Tillerson is just following the President's policy. He is seeking Congressional cooperation with legislation and budget support.

- ISIS continues to lose the positions in Iraq and Syria. What does the Middle East expect from a new scenario of a succession of events?

The Caliphate has been stopped in Iraq and Syria expect for smaller ISIS groups still existing. Many ISIS members, women and children have been trying to except out of the area - quite a few Muslin Chechens involved in this exodus. Expect more ISIS cells/groups to strengthen in North Africa and Afghanistan/Pakistan area. ISIS cells in Europe and cells will continue to create jihad attacks there.

- As you know, Armenia occupied the Azerbaijani territories – Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 adjacent regions. How do you think, will the USA show activity in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict?

US will not get involved with this issue to the best of my knowledge. I really cannot speak well to this issue as I do not know enough about it to render any plausible comments.

Seymur Mammadov


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