Azerbaijan creates "smart cities" and "villages" in liberated territories

Read: 675     09:10     10 July 2021    

After the liberation of the territories from the Armenian occupation in 2020, Azerbaijan decided to rebuild settlements on the basis of the concept entitled "smart city" and "smart village". Four economic centres will be established in the liberated territories, which will lead to the development of various sectors of the economy, including industry.

The development of the industry is planned in the areas where the agrarian sector was more developed before the occupation. In addition, "smart city" and "smart village" concepts will increase access to social services. The first "smart" village in the Zangilan district will be ready by January 2022. The IDPs will be provided with new houses completely free of charge.

Recently Russian and foreign journalists visited the Aghaly village which is under construction in the Zangilan district. “Nearly six months ago, all the talks about the return of peaceful life in these lands seemed to be something unreal, in particular in the background of the destroyed Nagorno-Karabakh region and the liberated districts adjacent to the region", - says the correspondent of" MK ". In the near future, internally displaced persons will be able to return to their native lands.

Akber Abbasov, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, told reporters that the establishment of "smart" villages in the liberated territories consists of five components: "smart" housing, social security facilities, agricultural functions, production and ecology. Solar energy, wind power and hydroelectric power stations will be used to support the new settlements. According to the state program until 2030, "green" alternative energy should be the main priority of the country. 

The modern Aghaly village will be constructed on the location of the settlements of Agaly-1, Aghaly-2 and Aghaly-3 destroyed in the First Nagorno-Karabakh war. In total, it is planned to build 200 residential "smart houses", which will be able to accommodate 390 families. All buildings will be one- or two-storey, no taller. The village will have all the necessary infrastructures- a school, a kindergarten. It is planned to create its own cheese dairy and meat processing plant, which will help to provide future local residents with jobs. The proximity to the planned railway in the direction of Nakhchivan will serve as a big advantage in the expansion of a tourist destination in the region.

We are talking about the Zangezur Corridor, which will generate economic opportunities both for Azerbaijan and Armenia and for the entire region. With the opening of the corridor, the separation of Nakhchivan will end, and Yerevan will be connected via Azerbaijan by land with Moscow and other capitals.


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