Top official: If Pashinyan does not understand need for fair settlement of conflict, this is beginning of his tragedy

Read: 531     13:48     12 May 2018    

Azerbaijan's Deputy Prime Minister, Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov commented on Armenia’s new PM Nikol Pashinyan’s opinions.

Pashinyan's statements that do not correspond to reality and intensify the tension will damage Armenia itself. You see that presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan and Armenia. After the elections in Azerbaijan, people continue to live their lives, work, show activity, plant trees on weekends, show unity with the authorities and trust the election results. This is the reality of Azerbaijan. And there is the reality of Armenia - discontent, anxiety, clashes, etc. The more Armenia is far from thinking of liberating the occupied Azerbaijani territories, and will sound senseless statements, the worse the situation in this country will be. Armenia is at a dead end, there is no potential for economic development. Settlement of the conflict would serve Armenia's interests more, could improve the situation. If the new forces that come to power do not understand the need for a fair settlement of the conflict as the main cause of tension, then I think this is the beginning of his tragedy. If this goes on, maybe in the near future people will again take to the streets demanding a change of power".

After the election to the post of Prime Minister, Pashinyan paid a visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. He noted the importance of participation in the negotiations of the separatist regime of Nagorno-Karabakh. Pashinyan said that he will make efforts to ensure that Nagorno Karabakh was recognized as an independent state at the international level.



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