There are still things to be done to fully implement trilateral agreement - Russian Ambassador  

Read: 799     21:33     12 December 2020    

Russia as we know played a part in tripartite declaration that was made and attach a lot of importance to the implementation of the provisions of that declaration. I think there are still things to be done to fully implement this document that concerns, said Ambassador of Russia to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov at the meeting with OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs on December 12. 

"As you said Mr. President, return of the people of displaced persons to the areas, peaceful reconstruction of the regions and, of course, what you outlined the future of the peaceful and successful developments of the region in the conditions of peace. As for the Minsk Group, our government has always stressed the importance of this Group, and that’s why we participated and are still participating in the Group. I think the joint position of the Group was expressed quite recently in the statement on the 3rd of December by the heads of the delegations of all the three countries' co-chairs of the Minsk Group. The joint attitude is reflected there and we will be very glad to assist while we can in implementing those aims of reconstruction which you Mr. President has laid down today. Thank you," said the ambassador. 


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