Russian defence minister: Terror is the main threat to CIS countries

Read: 369     14:56     06 June 2018    

CIS countries are faced with common challenges and threats, primarily from international terrorism, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at the opening of the CIS Defense Ministers’ Council’s meeting in Kyzyl, Tuva Republic.

"It is quite symbolic that the Defence Ministers’ Council’s meeting is taking place in Kyzyl, the geographical center of Asia. Joint borders and common historical ties allow us to conduct a confidential conversation on the most pressing topics," said Shoigu.

He noted that the CIS partners share common priorities – good-neighborliness, mutually beneficial cooperation, regional stability.

"At the same time, we face common challenges and threats, primarily from international terrorism. The format of the Defence Ministers’ Council provides opportunities to expand the range of interaction taking into account national and common interests. This meeting is an important step in this direction,” he said.

He also noted that for the first time in history, Mongolia’s Defence Minister Nyamaagiin Enkhbold is participating in the meeting as an honored guest.



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