UK 'would struggle to match' military strength of countries like Russia unless it invests in defence, army chief warns

Read: 527     19:31     22 January 2018    
Britain risks being vulnerable to enemy action, including cyber attacks, unless adequate resources are urgently devoted to the nation’s defence, the head of the British Army will warn today in a keynote speech.

Pointing to conventional threats, General Sir Nick Carter will stress that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has built an aggressive military force which this “country would struggle to match”. He will describe how the Kremlin has been ready to use its advanced capabilities in conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

At the same time, the Chief of General Staff will speak of clandestine cyber offensives from abroad which can affect not only public institutions, but the lives of ordinary people in this country.

General Carter’s address, at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) comes at a time when the Government has come under severe criticism from politicians and former senior military officers for cutting back on defence spending. At the same time, Russia has been blamed for cyber warfare on the West with claims of the US and European elections, as well as the Brexit referendum being targeted.


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