Made in Azerbaijan: Even at night, the enemy will not remain unnoticed

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Modern military operations in local confrontations and operations of special services cannot be imagined without night vision devices (NVD). In the night, it guarantees success of many military operations, which are almost impossible to accomplish during the day. But this does not mean that NVDs are not used in the civilian sector: they are also serviceable for various purposes, being useful for rescuers and security employees, helicopter pilots, customs officers, process controllers and scientists as well.

The first Gen-0 NVDs were developed by German engineers of electrical equipment of Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft AG (AEG) (General Electricity Company) in late 1930s for mounting on anti-tank guns Pak 35/36 L/45. The next step was the Sperber FG 1250 infrared vision devices (which were equipped with the legendary PzKpfw V "Panther"), which contributed to the last successful offensive of the German armored forces in the Lake Balaton area.

With the development of technology, zero-generation devices were replaced by electrostatic focusing systems which used electro-optical converters that amplify the input signal several hundred times.

The principle of functioning of modern night vision devices is as follows: any surface reflects radiation inaccessible to the human eye. NVD lenses capture this radiation, amplifying it through an electro-optical converter (EOC), which increases the radiation, by 800-50000 times. After that, the image reaches the ocular, on which the user sees the resulting image. Image intensifier tubes of the Generation 2 increase the display brightness by 20,000-30000 times, and the Generation 3 is considered professional equipment and used in the military sphere.

Continuing the recently launched topic of optical devices manufactured by enterprises of the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan, we present yet another serial model of optics - NVS-700 pseudo-binoculars for night vision, designed for visual observation of objects at night, orientation on the ground, on water surface in a natural night illumination.

It can be used for night reconnaissance, military and special tactical or rescue operations.

When using a headband or mount on a tactical helmet, the device is used as night vision goggles, and it can also be mounted on small arms for use with an optical or collimator sight, or paired with a camera.

NVS-700 features Gen II + / III high-performance high-sensitivity image amplifier and can be transformed into another system by changing the lens.

•         Magnification (fold): 1x

•         Field of view: 40 °

•         Eye Relief     26 mm

•         Focus range: 25 cm to ∞

•         Diopter Adjustment -6 ÷ +2

•         3V Power Source: 2 AA Alkalin

•         Range of working temperatures from -50 ° C to + 45 °

•         Weight (kg): 0,68

•         Size: 162x152 mm

•         The ability to integrate other lenses

•         Dustproof and waterproof


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Collage and photo: Polygon Azerbaijan


Translated by: 
Banu Salmanli

Guluza Heydarli




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