1st in Africa, Burkina Faso receives Turkish minesweepers

Read: 1832     12:34     29 July 2021    

Turkish state-owned defense firm ASFAT will export its minesweeping equipment to Burkina Faso, following the vehicles’ sale to Azerbaijan where it is being used to clean its lands of mines left by occupying Armenian forces, Defence.az reports citing Daily Sabah.

News of the sale was announced by Turkey’s Defence Ministry in a Twitter statement. The statement pointed out that this marks ASFAT’s first defence industry export to the region.

The first country that purchased the minesweeping vehicle, the MEMATT (Mechanical Mine Clearing Equipment), was Azerbaijan.

The MEMATT, a first-rate unmanned mine-clearing vehicle, achieved over a 95% success rate in mine tests conducted in Turkey, according to previous statements by ASFAT.

It has high resistance to explosions, is fast, reliable and minimizes loss of life.


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