TOP 100 Global Defence Companies revelead

Read: 2688     16:38     23 July 2019    

The U.S.-based magazine Defense New has published the annual list on company sales "Defense NewsTop 100" on Monday.

In the list, the first four places were taken by the U.S. companies, with Lockheed Martin ranking first with nearly $50.5 billion defense revenue. Lockheed Martin is followed by US companies “Boeing”, “Northrop Grumman” “Rayteon” and China’s Aviation Industry Corporation, respectively.

Note that Chinese companies are included in the list for the first time since 2001.

Chinese companies total defense revenue was around $97 billion in 2018.

Turkey’s largest defense electronics company Aselsan ranked 52nd in the list, up from the 55th last year, with its $1.8 billion defense revenue.

Aselsan is active in military and civil telecommunications, radar, electronic warfare, defense, weapons, and command control and navigation systems.

Aviation company TAI ranked 69th and defense technology firm STM came in 85th with $1.05 billion and $564.8 million defense revenue, respectively.

Missile producer Roketsan, which ranked 89th in the list, recorded $522.8 million defense revenue. It was the 96th in the previous list.

While 41 defense companies were from the U.S., 10 firms were British, 8 Chinese, 4 Turkish, 4 South Korean, 4 French, and rest of them from around the world.



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