AAD 2018: World Premiere new Jadara Terminator-AT Anti-Tank Guided Missile

Read: 599     11:51     22 September 2018    

At AAD 2018, the launcher of the Terminator-AT was mounted on a tripod including the launching unit and the PUT-1 guidance unit. The missile has a diameter of 107mm.

The Terminator missile can be fitted with two types of warheads: AT Hollow Charge, Tandem and HE High Explosive, Fragmentation which can be used to destroy tanks, light armored vehicles, light soft skinned vehicles and field fortifications at a distance from 100 to 2,500 m. According to Jadara, the warheads can penetrate 550 mm and 50 mm of armor respectively.

The Terminator is a laser beam riding, semi-automatic command-to-line of sight (SACLOS) missile. It can be mounted on either a portable launcher or a carrier-based automatic launcher.

During SOFEX, Special Forces Operations Exhibition that was held in Jordan in May 2018, Jadara has showcased the Terminator-AT integrated on a remote weapon station fitted on a light tactical vehicle.



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