'Long Sword': China Shows Off Deadly Cruise Missile Test in Shock VIDEO

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With President Xi Jinping demanding that China’s military be ready to "win any war," the People's Liberation Army is ramping up its military firepower

Chinese media has published never-before-seen footage of its  DF-10 nuclear cruise missiles capable of reaching US military bases in Japan and South Korea, the People’s Daily reported.

The video showed six of the weapons being fired from the back of trucks.

A pair of rocket launcher vehicles fired three missiles each accompanied by stirring music.

Carrying nuclear warheads weighing up to 500 kilos, the DF-10 “Long Sword” missiles, with a range of 930 miles, can be mounted on missile trucks, submarines or warships.

Some variations also feature stealth technology, supersonic speeds and the ability to blow warships out of the water.

​According to David Roche, president of Independent Strategy, a London-based company providing institutional investors with research on world-wide strategy and asset allocation, China and the US  will "almost inevitably" face off in a Cold War-level conflict which will have a ripple effect globally.

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