Azerbaijan, Turkey had tried to resolve Karabakh issue diplomatically through many years - parliament speaker 

Read: 752     09:50     27 April 2021    

Speaker of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly Mustafa Sentop said Azerbaijan and Turkey had tried to resolve the Karabakh issue diplomatically through many years.

Addressing a panel discussion on "The Second Karabakh War and the war crimes of Armenia", Sentop said the two countries had made efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict despite Armenia`s unwillingness and provocative statements of the Armenia leaders. "Nevertheless, Armenia did not refrain from launching new attacks on Azerbaijan. And the war, unleashed with Armenia`s attacks, ended with Azerbaijan`s Victory and saw the brotherly country liberate its occupied territories," he added.

Sentop also noted the importance of the panel discussion, saying it aims to raise the world`s awareness of the truth about the 44-day war. " We saw all these crimes once again through a photo exhibition that we visited a while ago,” he said, referring to a dedicated photo exhibition organized as part of the event.


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