Ukraine, Sweden to prepare contract on cooperation in defense sphere

Read: 1375     20:47     05 March 2018    

Ukraine and Sweden agreed to prepare a new contract on the cooperation in the defense sphere. Stepan Poltorak, the Defense Minister of Ukraine claimed this after the negotiations with Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist as 112 Ukraine broadcasted.

‘We agreed to reconsider the international protocol that is the basis for the building of our relations that was signed in 2001; we reached the agreements on the necessity to prepare the full-format contract between the governments of Sweden and Ukraine and between the Defense Ministries of Sweden and Ukraine’, Poltorak claimed.

Also, the ministers discussed the UN peacekeeping mission in Donbas.

‘One more block that we considered today is connected with the discussion of the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission at the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and possibility of the Armed Forces of Sweden to participate in it. We agreed on all issues and our decisions are constructive’, he said.

In his turn, Hultqvist claimed that in the case UN Security Councils adopts a decision on the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission then Sweden will consider the possibility to participate in it.

As we reported Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist came to Ukraine with a working visit on March 5.

Previously, Sweden and Denmark agreed to step up their common efforts standing up against the Russian propaganda, expressing their concerns about Russia's actions in the hybrid war.

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