New indigenous weapon manufactured for the Turkish presidential security guard PHOTO

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Following the Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdoghan’s call for the indigenous manufacture of weapons, national infantry rifle MPT-76 has been taken for the inventory of Presidential and Ministerial security guard, Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), Turkish National Intelligence Agency personnel and other security units

Security Department of Turkish Prime Ministry began to use MPT-55s, another member of the national infantry rifle family, following the national and local MPT-76.

7.62 mm diameter and 5.56 mm caliber MPT-55 is able to work in all kinds of terrain circumstances.

Manufacturer designed the rifle in two types: long-barreled (MPT-55) and short-barreled (MPT-55K). It weighs 3000-3300 grams in total and can reach 850 BPM (beats per minute).

MPT-55 has two shooting modes: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Effective range of the rifle is 400 meters and its maximum effective range is 3600 meters.

High capability of shooting and being lighter and more effective distinguish MPT-55. Moreover, the fact that the magazine release button, mechanism latch and safety latch are double-sided for right and left use differentiates the rifle from its counterparts.

Being compatible with the magazines of widely used M16 infantry rifle, MPT-55 is among the weapons that successfully passed NATO-standardized 30 tests.

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Translation by Elgun Mammadov


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