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Azerbaijan among safest countries in the region in terms of terrorism

Read: 532     14:47     20 November 2019    

Azerbaijan is on the list of countries with a low level of terrorism, said the report of the Institute for Economics and Peace.

According to the rating, the country took the 103rd place, having improved its position compared to the last report by five positions.

Russia ranked 37th (medium level of terrorism), Georgia - 90 (low level of terrorism), Armenia - 94 (low level of terrorism), Turkey – 16th (high level of terrorism), Iran – 39th (medium level of terrorism).

The most dangerous countries are Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Syria, while the safe countries included Belarus, Mauritania, Mongolia, Romania, Croatia, Cuba, Singapore, North Korea, etc.

The report notes that the number of victims of terrorism in the world decreased by 15.2% last year compared to 2017, amounting to almost 16,000 people. 


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