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Turkey’s Erdogan says Afrin operation won’t end before reaching its goal

Read: 729     21:44     22 January 2018    
One person died at an electric power station in Turkey’s Hatay Province after becoming the target of an artillery shell fired by the PYD-YPG, the PKK’s Syria wing from Afrin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at an awards ceremony of Ankara Chamber of Industry on Monday.

Erdogan vowed to retaliate harshly, saying that it is normal when soldiers are martyred in such a fight.

“The Afrin problem will be resolved. We won’t step back from Afrin,” he stressed.

Erdogan stated that Turkey has reached an agreement with Russia with regard to the Afrin operation, noting that his country has no eye on another country’s territory.

“Turkey is not against the Kurds in Afrin, but is fighting against the terror organizations there. When these terrorist organizations are eliminated from Afrin, our Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen brothers will be the most thankful,” he said.

Turkish president harshly reacted to US' advice on implementing operation in Afrin in very limited and specific time limits.

“Afrin operation will end just like Euphrates Shield operation after reaching its goal. Some say that the duration of Afrin operation has to be clear. This is what the U.S. says. And I ask you whether the duration of US remaining in Afghanistan, Iraq was known. War is not a mathematical task. We don’t intend to stay there anyway, and when our work ends, we will withdraw. We do not have to get permission for that,” added Erdogan.


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