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Putin orders Netanyahu to halt military strikes in Syria

Read: 3951     21:02     12 February 2018    
Vladimir Putin warned Benjamin Netanyahu to back off from military strikes in Syria after an Israeli warplane was shot down in the region on Saturday.

The Russian President told Netanyahu in a phone call on Saturday evening to avoid a course of action that could have 'dangerous consequences for the region'.

At the time Israel had just completed a second round of bombardments against Syrian forces and what it says were Iranian installations in the country and was considering further strikes in retaliation for the loss of its jet, Haaretz reports.

But Putin, who has spent years propping up the Assad regime in the hopes of staving off American interference, put a swift end to the confrontation, it is reported.

The exchange of fire began after Israel accused Iran of flying a drone into its territory, a claim which Iran later denied.

That prompted Israel jets to strike a region in Syria that Iranian forces are known to occupy, with one being shot down as it returned to Israel. Both pilots escaped, but one was badly injured.

It marked the first time an Israeli jet has been lost in combat since 1982.

Following the loss of the jet, Israel said it carried out strikes that destroyed 12 military sites, including four allegedly occupied by Iranian forces.

Netanyahu acknowledged his call with Putin on Saturday evening, saying he had told him of Israel's intention to continue defending itself against any aggression and to prevent Iran from establishing a presence 'in Syria or anywhere else.'

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