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Chinese and German units in joint Combined Aid 2019 medical exercise

Read: 3117     14:20     11 July 2019    

The Chinese and German armed forces are holding a joint exercise on medical support called "Combined Aid 2019". It began on July 3 and will last until July 17 at the Bezirk Feldkirchen training base, in Germany, in an effort to improve coordination in conducting international humanitarian medical missions.

The drill, dubbed "Combined Aid 2019", is the first-time a full unit of paramedical forces of the People's Liberation Army has visited Europe with real combat gear for a joint exercise, according to the health bureau under the logistic support department of China's Central Military Commission.

Most of the 91-strong Chinese delegation has had experience in major medical missions such as international peacekeeping, flood emergency rescue and earthquake relief, according to Xinhua News Agency.



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