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Paramount Marauder 4-Wheeled Mine-Resistant Armored Vehicle - PHOTOS

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The Paramount Marauder is a multirole platform with proven mine-resistant qualities based on South African military combat experience.

Paramount Group of South Africa includes its Marauder product as part of a new generation of all-terrain, wheeled armored vehicles to cover various military, security and general policing roles. The vehicle is clearly recognized as a robust and reliable performer, capable of being modified and adapted to a variety of battlefield forms to suit a particular role. The design benefits from decades of South African Army experience in fighting against both regular and irregular forces.

The overall design is basic with a four-wheeled arrangement being used in the base model. The engine is fitted to a forward compartment with the driver and front passenger directly aft of the installation. Aft of them is a passenger area that can seat up to eight combat-ready infantrymen or up to 4,500 kilograms of cargo. Protection and mine resistance is offered through the standard armor scheme with "uparmoring" of the vehicle being optional. The weapons fit - depending on the required role - is as flexible as the chassis itself ranging from basic small arms to larger caliber weapons and even compact missile launchers. Other optional equipment allows for day-night operation. A stretched chassis variant increases internal space to allow for more passengers or a greater cargo hauling capability to be achieved (a third axle is introduced for a 6x6 wheel arrangement). An inherent high ground clearance gives the Marauder excellent cross-country capabilities.

Power is derived from either a Cummins ISBe4-300 series diesel-fueled engine developing 300 horsepower or a MAN D0836LOH diesel unit of 240 horsepower. This provides the Marauder with a range out to 700 kilometers and road speeds reaching over 100 kilometers per hour.

As a mine-resistant vehicle, the Marauder is built to withstand up to 8 kilograms of TNT under the hull and up to 14 kilograms of force under each tire. Each crewman and passenger sit on anti-blast seats to help cushion occupants from blasts occurring under or to the side of the vehicle. Furthermore the cabin is completed with a double-skinned spaced armor arrangement for up to STANAG Level 3 protection. Vision screens and blocks are bullet resistant as well to help control the spray of shattered glass against the occupants.

The vehicle can fulfill a variety of roles that include patrolling, crowd control, quick-reaction force support, force protection, convoy protection, reconnaissance, battlefield ambulance, mortar carrier, governmental / VIP security and special forces / police support. Its standard dimensions allow the system to also be air-transported in the belly of a Lockheed C-130 "Hercules" hauler (or similar fixed-wing aircraft) or be airlifted by a Boeing CH-47 "Chinook" tandem rotor transport helicopter (or similar).

The popular BBC show "Top Gear" rated the Marauder as "The World's Most Unstoppable Vehicle" - such was its impression on the presenters.

To date (2016), the Marauder has been taken on by the forces of Algeria, Azerbaijan, Congo, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Oman and Singapore. However, no major global power has introduced the type limiting production to about 250 units total.

Paramount Marauder Technical Specifications

Service Year: 2009
Type: 4-Wheeled Mine-Resistant Armored Vehicle
National Origin: South Africa
Manufacturer(s): Paramount Group - South Africa
Total Units Built: 250

Design (Crew Space, Dimensions, Weight, and Systems)

Operating Crew: 2
Length: 21.13 feet (6.44 meters)
Width: 8.73 feet (2.66 meters)
Height: 9.01 feet (2.75 meters)

Operating Weight: 20 tons (18,000 kg; 39,683 lb)

Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) Protection: Yes - Optional
Nightvision (NV) Equipment: Yes - Optional
Installed Power and Standard Road Performance

Engine: 1 x Cummins ISBe4-300 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine developing up to 300 horsepower OR 1 x MAN D0836LOH diesel engine of 240 horsepower.

Top Speed: 75 mph (120 km/h)
Maximum Traveling Range: 435 miles (700 km) Armament and Ammunition

Variable: Weapon station suits 7.62mm to 20mm weapon caliber types.

Dependent upon armament fit. Global Operators / Customers / Users

Algeria; Azerbaijan; Congo; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Malawi; Oman; Singapore Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

Marauder - Base Series Name; base variant
Marauder Patrol Pick-Up (PPU) - Flat bed variant
Marauder Patrol Police (PP) - Security-minded variant
Marauder Mortar Carrier (MC) - Morar carrier variant
Marauder Ambulance (AMB) - Ambulance form
Marauder APC - Armored Personnel Carrier form



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