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Serbia plans to procure Pasars-16 Terminator mobile hybrid air defence system

Read: 304     17:55     18 July 2018    

Serbia test-fired its new Pasars-16 Terminator 6x6 mobile hybrid air defence system in the Pasuljanske Livade training area on 11 July.

The firing of the 40 mm Bofors gun was part of testing ahead of the system being introduced into the Serbian Army by the end of 2018, Nenad Miloradovic, assistant minister for material resources in the Serbian Ministry of Defence, said.

During the testing, Pasars-16 was coupled with an M85 Zirafa air defence radar – an Ericsson Giraffe M75 radar mounted on a Yugoslav-made FAP2026 truck – with command and control capabilities. The Serbian Air Force and Air Defence’s 98th Air Brigade participated in the test-firing.

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