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NATO Military Committee for the first time held field meeting in Ukraine

Read: 322     09:14     19 April 2018    

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, NATO Military Committee held a meeting at the level of military representatives in the country. The head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleh Sinyutka reported this on Facebook.

"For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the visiting session of the Military Committee of NATO took place in Lviv region, and I am confident that with the support of the North Atlantic Alliance and joint efforts we will defend Ukraine's independence and return Eastern occupied territories and Crimea," he wrote.

The meeting was held at the National Ground Forces Academy named after Hetman Petro Sahaidachny in Lviv on Wednesday, April 18.

As it was reported earlier, NATO praised the fact that the Ukrainian government developed the Law on National Security, adding provisions on civilian control over the military and special services.

Earlier this month, the Verkhovna Rada supported the president's bill on the national security of Ukraine, taking into account the proposals of the respective parliamentary committee.

The draft law clarifies conditions of coordination and subordination of the security and defence forces. The President is the one who manages these forces. He declares war, martial law and state of emergency; makes decisions about general and partial mobilization in the military; makes orders and intructions on security issues; leads the National Security and Defence Council; appoints and dismisses the Secretary and Deputies of the National Security and Defence Council; appoints and dismisses the High Command of Military Forces (on the recommendations of Commander-in-Chief), etc.

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