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UK to double F-35 fleet 'building game-changing capability' - Defence Secretary

Read: 375     17:59     15 November 2018    

The UK will double its fleet of F-35 fighters by placing a massive order to obtain 17 more jets to conduct its defense initiatives, Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said.

Williamson noted further that the military and industry were playing a leading role in the F-35 program, and the state is "now building this game-changing capability that will soon be ready for frontline action."

According to the defence secretary, this program is "set to bring an immense boost of £35 billion into the British economy", and it will be "welcome news to the UK firms that many more jets are now set for production." 

The UK is not the only Western state that decided to increase its number of F-35 fighters. Last month, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel officially announced that the state opted for US F-35 Lightning II to re-equip its Air Force Brussels, and planned to purchase 34 US fighter jets.



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