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Paramount Maverick 4-Wheeled Light Armored Internal Security Vehicle - Defense Tech

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The Paramount Maverick is another in a long line of new armoured vehicles by the South African company of Paramount Group.

The Maverick is a light-armoured internal security vehicle offered by Paramount Group of South Africa. It is specifically designed for police/law enforcement agencies and security groups to offer point defense protection against unruly mobs and similar scenarios. Its rugged design and robust nature allow it to be used in various mission types including riot control, crowd suppression and patrolling. The crew within rides in climate-controlled comfort and are protected from small arms fire (up to 7.62mm AP), hand grenade attack and firebombs. An automatic (also manual) fire suppression system further ensures the safety of the occupants.

The Maverick is designed for both paved road travel as well as cross-country. Its mobility in the latter is gained through a strong suspension system and high ground clearance as well as a powerful front-mounted engine. A dozer blade and bull bar allow for obstacles to be breached/cleared if need be. Beyond these features, the truck holds an excellent turn radius for getting out of trouble spots in short order. An onboard camera allows for vision to the rear.

Base crew numbers two and there is seating for an additional twelve. All glass panels are armoured and additional plates can be affixed to the vehicle floor. The payload capacity reaches 2,000 kilograms.

Variants in the Maverick family of vehicles include the Police ISV (base offering with optional firing ports and roof-mounted water cannon), SWAT APC (Police Armored Personnel Carrier with improved protection and firing ports), the Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (the vehicle seats a ramp system over the roof) and EOD bomb disposal vehicle.

Operators to date (2017) include Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Gabon, South Africa and Zambia.

Paramount Maverick Technical Specifications

Service Year: 2015
Type: 4-Wheeled Light Armored Internal Security Vehicle
National Origin: South Africa
Manufacturer(s): Paramount Group - South Africa
Total Units Built: 500

Design (Crew Space, Dimensions, Weight, and Systems)

Operating Crew: 2
Length: 19.69 feet (6.00 meters)
Width: 8.86 feet (2.70 meters)
Height: 9.51 feet (2.90 meters)

Operating Weight: 4 tons (4,000 kg; 8,818 lb)

Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) Protection: Yes
Nightvision (NV) Equipment: Yes

Installed Power and Standard Road Performance

Engine: 1 x 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine developing 295 horsepower.

Top Speed: 75 mph (120 km/h)
Maximum Traveling Range: 435 miles (700 km)

Armament and Ammunition

Variable - supports personal weapons as well as weapon stations (including water cannon).

Dependent upon armament fit (if installed).

Global Operators / Customers / Users

Argentina; Azerbaijan; Brazil; Gabon; South Africa; Zambia

Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

Maverick - Base Series Name
Maverick VIP - VIP passenger transport model.
Maverick ISV - Police variant; optional firing ports; optional water cannon turret on the roof.
Maverick SWAT APC armoured police armored personnel carrier; firing ports; improved protection.
Maverick MARS - Mobile Adjustable Ramp System vehicle.
Maverick EOD - Bomb disposal vehicle.


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