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France may sell weapons and military equipment to Azerbaijan

Read: 1858     17:31     10 July 2018    

Azerbaijan observes softening in cooperation with France in the military-technical sphere, military expert Rashad Suleymanov told Defence.az.

The military expert said that French companies started talks on sale of military vehicles and certain equipment to Azerbaijan. Naval Group held meetings with Azerbaijani Naval Forces regarding construction of naval ships. They offered OPV-90 vessels to Azerbaijan. ECA Robotics Company offered underwater mine clearance, intelligence equipment, “MBDA Systems” company offered air defence and coast guard missile systems.

“Azeraeronavigation (AZANS) carries out construction of aeronautical system in Azerbaijan's civil aviation system. This company continues to negotiate on a few projects. Besides, it is possible to get optical devices from Vectronix Company which is a part of Safran Group. So, French companies consider multifaceted cooperation with Azerbaijan,” Suleymanov said.

“France’s MBDA Systems, CİFAL Group, Naval Group, Airbus Defense, Etienne Lacroix, Nexter Systems, Proengin, Thales and other companies will be represented at ADEX-2018 international defence exhibition to be held in September in Baku,” he noted.

“Moreover, Azerbaijan has an interest in Rafale fighter jets produced by France's “Dassault” company, as well as helicopters of Airbus. Besides, Nexter Systems produces various types of various shells, howitzers which can also be in the focus of interest of Azerbaijani artillery troops. Thus, its Caesar howitzers have proved itself in the world.

In addition, Germany has also begun to take some steps in relation to Azerbaijan. There is an easing in embargos. As it is known, among Central European countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland don’t impose a ban on their companies to sell arms to Azerbaijan. Italy also considers cooperating with Azerbaijan in the field of defence,” Rashad Suleymanov said.

According to the military expert, there will also be an easing of embargos by Western European countries, such as the UK, Norway and Sweden, which impose embargo on Azerbaijan due to the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

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