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108 years pass since birth of Azerbaijani Major General Hazi Aslanov

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108 years have passed since the birth of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Hazi Aslanov.

He was born on January 22, 1910 in Lankaran. Hazi Aslanov left a mark in the military history of Azerbaijan with matchless services. When World War II began, he used to serve in Ukraine. In June 1941, he showed great heroism in an unequal battle with German troops. For five months, he with his troops repulsed the attacks of the enemy in the fights for Donbas.

In December of that year, he was awarded the Red Star Order for his heroism in the battles around Moscow. In the battles around Kharkov and Stalingrad, tanks of the 55th tank brigade led by Hazi Aslanov hit the enemy heavily. The tank brigade brought considerable force and machinery of the enemy out of operation.

“He drove a tank in a way that we could hide behind and follow it. When the fighting erupted, we were firing from all directions, forcing the enemy to retreat,” Second World War veteran Ismayil Farajov said.

On March 13, 1944, he was conferred the rank of Major General of tank troops. He managed to show himself as a capable military leader and an innate talent, in all battles from the Volga River to the Baltic Sea.

“Though Hazi Aslanov became a general at the age of 32, just imagine that he had received appreciation from Commander-in-Chief Stalin eight times by the age of 44,” Karabakh war veteran Intigam Rzayev said.

In 1945, Hazi Aslanov was mysteriously wounded near the commander's combat observation center in Latvia. After being wounded, he was alive for 23 hours. According to his companions in arms, Hazi Aslanov was murdered. The commander of Baltic Front, an Armenian named Bagramyan organized his assassination. The Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet on awarding Hazi Aslanov with Title of the Hero of the Soviet Union reads: "for fulfilling the combat mission assigned by the Frontline Command, and for his commanding ability and courage, Hazi Ahad oghlu Aslanov is awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union." After that, Hazi Aslanov's regiment was called a guard. The memory of Major-General Hazi Aslanov is honored every year. At the event, dedicated to the 108th anniversary of his birth, the participants spoke about his life and military activities, noting that his heroism is not forgotten today...

“When I attended Baku High Military School during the Soviet period, Hazi Aslanov’s name was eternally embedded in the ranks of the 1st division. Over 4 years, as the names of all cadets were cited every morning and evening, Major General Hazi Aslanov’s name was called first. Afterwards, the deputy detachment commander replied: “Major General of tank troops, Hazi Ahad oghlu Aslanov fell heroically in battles during the defense of the Motherland,” said Azizagha Ganizade, a retired colonel.

Hazi Aslanov was awarded three Red Flag Orders, the 2nd Class Order of Suvorov, the Alexander Nevski Order, the 1st Class Order of the Patriotic War, 2 Orders of the Red Star and medals for his personal courage and patriotism at the Great Patriotic War. In 1944, Major-General Hazi Aslanov was presented for the second time with a high title, but Armenian General Bagramyan, represented in the USSR military leadership, hindered it. 47 years after his death, in 1991, Hazi Aslanov was named the Hero of the Soviet Union for the second time.

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