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US says it guards special Pak-US military relationship

Read: 717     10:43     07 September 2019    

In his address at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC to mark Defence & Martyrs Day, Assistant Secretary of Defence, Randall Schriver, said Pakistan and the US have a very special relationship that the US appreciates and “jealously guard.”

“We have a strong foundation for this relationship. We jealously guard our special role in this relationship between our defence establishments, our militaries. We think it is one of the strongest pillars in the foundations in the relationship” Schriver said.

He also praised the “significant contributions” the Pakistan army has made. “We appreciate everything Pakistan has done to get us to this point and we appreciate the cooperation going ford on the very important work.” He added, “The U.S. looks forward to developing that relationship and continuing to work together.”

This year ‘Defence Day’ is observed with ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to express Pakistan’s unwavering support to Kashmir that has been occupied by Indian forces for almost five weeks.

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