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Kazakhstan at UN SC: Will they raise the Karabakh issue? – SURVEY

Read: 159     11:46     08 January 2018    
by Bahram Batiyev

Kazakhstan undertakes chairmanship of the UN Security Council for the first time as of 1 January 2018. Astana’s priorities in this new status are promotion of interests of Central Asia, counter terrorism efforts, achieving a world without nuclear weapons, resolution of global conflicts and eliminating the threat of a global war.

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are known to be two brotherly Turkic states. All Azerbaijanis are immensely thankful to Kazakhstan for supporting Azerbaijan at international structures, where our country is not represented. We remember the support Kazakhstan has shown and still does at such international structures, as EAEU and CSTO. And now brotherly Kazakhstan is leading the highest structure in world politics – the UN Security Council. And one cannot help but wonder whether Kazakhstan will raise at the Council the 4 UN SC resolutions on Karabakh that Armenia failed to fulfill. Defence.az asked famous Kazakh political analysts Aydos Sarim and Rasul Jumali to answer this question.

Aydos Sarim believes that under these circumstances Kazakhstan is not likely to raise the Karabakh issue at the UN Security Council.

‘Of course, it would be right if our country raised this issue at the UN, however under the risen circumstances such course of events is highly unlikely. I believe chairmanship does not only entail PR opportunities, but also adds certain geopolitical risks, especially at times like this. Circumstances always force us to make unpleasant choices and take sides, which is quite challenging and cumbersome at our times. Well, be that as it may, one has to alight its course in a fashion that always shows one’s emphasized competency and pursuance of pragmatism.

Many of our initiatives within this chairmanship are quite pompous, but unmanageable. We do not have a single lead to solve these problems, but we are not the ones, who set the rules. Consequently, our initiatives may slowly collapse or simply be vetoed.

The best we can do is to solve or start solving at least one regional issue. It might bring at least some benefits from our compromises. It will be both beneficial for us and our partners will understand our pragmatism. I see three such cases: a) the Aral Sea; b) the problem of waters and trans-border rivers; c) Afghan drug trafficking. If these issues are resolved, our chairmanship at the UN Security Council may be considered super successful’, said A. Sarim.

At the same time, Rasul Jumali supposes that one cannot exclude the possibility that Kazakhstan will raise the resolutions on Karabakh, unfulfilled by Armenia, at the UN SC.

‘Such possibility exists. However I am no judge to prognosticate how high such possibility is. I believe this is a question for our official diplomatic mission at the UN to answer. Nevertheless, I would like Kazakhstan to raise this issue at the UN SC. All the more, the Karabakh conflict is one of the burning problems, an open wound not only for the Turkic world, but also for the entire former Soviet Union. As you all know Kazakhstan maintains quite a principal stance on this issue. Astana implicitly supports territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

It is also a different story that the Kazakhstani mission at the UN SC is going through a rather challenging time. The international calendar is replete with topical problems, such as Syria, KNM, Ukraine, Venezuela and Iran. At the same time, chairmanship at the UN SC of Kazakhstan does not give us a veto right. It is more like moderating and considering the positions of key global players. Nevertheless, I, as a citizen and patriot of Kazakhstan, would like very much for Kazakhstan to raise the issue of UN resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh, unfulfilled by Armenia, at the UN Security Council, concluded R. Jurmali.

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