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Iran ready to negotiate nuclear deal, if its terms respected

Read: 364     16:40     02 October 2019    

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has indicated that despite US sanctions, Iran has become more resilient, and is ready for negotiations as long as its terms are respected.

"The US has imposed the worst economic pressure on Iran and prevented other foreign companies to work with us, it has interrupted our oil sale and created problems in banking and insurance relations," Rouhani said during a cabinet meeting.

"The pressure was expected to have proper results, but today we feel it has been the opposite, since after 1,5 years of economic pressure Iran has more power," he said.

"The conspiracy of anti-Iran lobby was to show that Iran is the one that initiates tensions in the Persian Gulf, but this strategy has failed. We felt that during our visit to New York. We even suggested the Hormuz peace initiative, and it was discussed during our meeting with other countries. No one objected, but some have clearly stated that they do not support the plan," Rouhani said.

"During my visit to New York, I had 15 meetings with heads of other countries. In that short time I have met with the heads of the 4+1 countries, and during these meetings we've agreed that Iran stays by the negotiating table," said Iran's president.

"The suggestion was made by France and the general plan could have been acceptable. In general, it said that Iran should not seek nuclear weapon and we always stated that Iran is always helping to improve peace in the region and that the US should lay off the sanctions and let the money from Iran oil sale reach the country. France have discussed these principles with the US and then discussed it with us," he added.

"The French President meet me twice in 24 hours in New York and offered the plan, I told him I agree with the general plan but do not agree with the terms of the plan," he said.

"In those 24 hours, the US president has stated twice in his speeches that he wants to increase sanctions against Iran. So I asked our European friends, who should we agree with, you or the US? They didn't answer clearly," Rouhani noted.

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