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Bennett says Israel not seeking military confrontation

Read: 1459     12:14     12 May 2022    

On Monday, Israel started a month-long military exercise to simulate multi-front war

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday that Tel Aviv is not seeking a military confrontation.

"We are not looking for a confrontation, and we do not want a confrontation, but we are ready for any scenario if it exists," Bennett said while inspecting the Israeli army’s annual month-long exercise dubbed "Chariots of Fire."

"The enemy knew that if we were dragged into confrontation – he would pay an unbearable price," he added, without giving further elaboration.

For his part, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who also escorted Bennett to the military exercise, said Israel's security is maintained by "the use of force, and the continuous and long-term building of force."

"I can say that this exercise surpasses all that came before it. It is deep, and continuous, on all fronts," Gantz added.

On Monday, the Israeli army started a military exercise that simulates a multi-front and multi-dimensional war in the air, at sea, on land and on the cyber front.

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