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Japan resumes F-35A flights months after fatal crash

Read: 616     17:30     01 August 2019    

Japan has resumed flights of F-35A stealth fighter jets, which were suspended following a fatal crash in April, local media reported on Thursday, Anadolu Agency reported.

The country’s Defense Ministry had suspended such flights after a F-35A jet crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Aomori province after disappearing on radar while on a training mission on April 9.

Maj. Akinori Hosomi, 41-year-old pilot, who flew the jet was confirmed dead in the crash.

"We've taken thorough measures for safety management," Japanese Kyodo news agency quoted Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya as saying.

According to the news agency, the Defense Ministry found that the crash of an F-35A into the Pacific had “likely been the result of the pilot suffering vertigo”.

The air force has “won consent to resume flights from the heads of local governments in northeastern Japan”, it added.

In September last year, a U.S. F-35B jet had also crashed in Beaufort, South Carolina.


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