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Russia war moves: Russian Navy frigate moves to Mediterranean Sea

Read: 1733     21:04     13 March 2018    

The warship was pictured today in the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey.

It makes the beginning of a Mediterranean mission by the Russian frigate Admiral Essen, according to Ria Novosti.

The Admiral Essen measures 124.8 meters in length and displaces 3,620 tons.

These new pictures come weeks after Admiral Essen pummelled mock “enemy targets” and fired supersonic missiles during a live firing exercise in the Black Sea as two US destroyers entered the region.

The newest frigate in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet destroyed dummy ships, moving air targets and launched missiles as part of the drill.

Crew aboard the Admiral Essen, an Admiral Grigorovich class vessel, used a naval turret gun and an AK-630 anti-aircraft gun to pulverise the sea and air targets.

Russian Kalibr cruise missiles that can travel at supersonic speeds over 768mph were launched electronically from the 409ft-long ship.

Kalibr missiles, first tested for military use in 2015, are used by Russian ships and submarines to take out ISIS targets in Syria.

The Admiral Essen is being accompanied by two Russian Navy patrol ships for naval exercises in the Black Sea.

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