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No pass for the “Armenian Genocide”: Serbia’s revenge on Armenia for Kosovo – Opinion from Belgrade

Read: 1417     15:34     24 March 2018    

by Bahram Batiyev

The Serbian parliament refused the offer of the oppositional part of the former Serbia PM Zoran Zivkovic to recognize the “Armenian Genocide”. In the last decade, such provocative proposals have been made at the Serbian parliament several times, each time declined.

Why did the Serbians refuse to recognize the “Armenian genocide”? Defence.az asked Slobodan Boko Samardzija the Serbian political analyst and political writer at the “Politika” Belgrade-based newspaper to answer this question and some more.

- Indeed, the Serbian parliament recently decided with majority of votes to vote against the resolution of recognizing the “Armenian genocide”, proposed by the party of the former PM Zivkovic. It was a pragmatic decision and, above all, was based on the fact that in 2008 the Republic of Armenia factually recognized alienation of Kosovo from Serbia and its “independence”. We have not forgotten that. At the same time, I would like to specially stress that Serbia has never and in no way officially supported separatism anywhere in the world.

I should also add that Armenia recognized the “independence” of Kosovo outside the international law and exclusively because it thought it might help Yerevan gather larger international support in its claims for Nagorno-Karabakh, which is an integral part of Azerbaijan. Overall, we think what is happening in Karabakh is an internal business of Azerbaijan, our interlocutor said.

Moreover, he underlined that Serbia’s relations with Azerbaijan are more important and stronger than with Armenia. These relations are not only based on discords regarding Yerevan’s support of separatism both in Karabakh and in Kosovo.

- The situation in the international arena has greatly changed lately and good relations with strong Muslim states such as Turkey and Azerbaijan are of vital importance for Serbia, just as for other European states.

I think Armenia’s attempts to solve their domestic issues and problems at the expense of other states will not yield any dividends for it. This is what the members of the Serbian parliament meant, while not voting for recognition of the “Armenian Genocide’, Slobodan Boko Samardzija concluded.

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