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Today is birthday of three National Heroes of Azerbaijan

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Today is the birthday of Azerbaijani National Heroes Shirin Mirzayev, Elgiz Karimov and Naig Yusifov.

Shirin Mirzayev who is originally from Mirzalar village of Shusha district was born in Khankendi district on January 5, 1947. Upon finishing secondary school named after Nizami he joined the army. After serving in the Interior Troops in Baku for a while, he entered Higher Political Military Academy in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) in 1967 and was sent to Yerevan after successfully completed his military education in 1971. After serving there for five years, Mirzayev returned to Baku. He studied in Military Political Academy in 1988 and then served in an Interior Troops regiment for 15 years. His love to homeland brought him to Aghdam. Despite all obstacles and persecutions, Colonel Lieutenant Shirin Mirzayev created the first regular self-defence battalion on October 1991. This was an important step for that period. A regiment consisting of three battalions were already created in May 1992.

Mirzayev skillfully fulfilled the duties both as a military commissar and a regiment commander in Aghdam district. Thanks to the efforts of Shirin Mirzayev and his supporters, the first battalion was created in the country on March 28, 1992 and Shirin Vali oglu Mirzayev was elected the commander of the self-defence battalion in Aghdam district. Due to his ability of military leadership, Farrukh, Pirjamal, Gazanchi, Balligaya, Garashlar, Bashirli, Sirkhavand, Aghbulag, Dahraz and Nakhchivanik villages were liberated from Armenian gangsters. 120-km area of Aghdam district was protected.

Mirzayev hit a mine during an operation in Sirkhavand on June 18, 1992. He was posthumously awarded the title “National Hero of Azerbaijan”.

Elgiz Karimov was born on January 5, 1971 in Barda district. Upon completing secondary education in 1987, he joined the army. Though he completed his military service and returned to Barda, he voluntarily left to fight on the front line.

During the severe fights near Asgaran, he killed many Armenian soldiers. After he acted bravely in this fight, the young soldier gained a reputation. Showing courage in all fights he joined, Karimov came to Nakhchivanli village of Khojaly district on March 12, 1992 to rescue his fellow warriors who were surrounded. After the severe fight that lasted about an hour, the warriors were rescued. However, the 21-year-old brave warrior, fighting for the homeland, died heroically in that fight.

Under the presidential decree No.833 dated June 7, 1992, the title “National Hero of Azerbaijan” was conferred on Elgiz Karim oglu Karimov.

Naig Yusifov was born on January 5, 1970 in Aghdam district. Upon finishing secondary school in 1987, he joined the army. After he completed the military service, a tense situation emerged in the country and the regions bordering Azerbaijan and Armenia almost became uncontrolled. As the national army was not formed in that period, local self-defence groups undertook the control over the areas. As the first step to fulfill his debt to homeland, Naig joined the group too. The first successful fight of him in the area called “Chanlibel” encouraged him more.

Armenians attacked Kokhanabi village of Tovuz district on March 24, 1992. When Naig arrived in the site, the village was on fire. He sacrificed himself to rescue his fellow warriors. He threw a grenade at the enemy. But he was injured by shrapnel and fell. However, he opened fire at the gangsters in that state. Not to be captured by the enemy, he squeezed his last grenade in his chest and along with himself, he killed about ten Armenian gangsters in his last breath.

Under the presidential decree No.833 dated June 7, 1992, the title “National Hero of Azerbaijan” was conferred on Naig Nasir oglu Yusifov.

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