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US seeks support from European allies for YPG terrorists in Syria

Read: 758     17:03     11 July 2019    

The U.K. and France have decided to deploy additional military forces in Syria in response to U.S. demands for increased military assistance to YPG terrorists

The U.S. continues its search to provide military support to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is controlled by the PKK terrorist organization's Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG). With U.S. ground troops preparing to partially withdraw from Syria, Washington has been looking to provide the terrorist group the necessary equipment and backing it needs. The latest move on the matter was revealed yesterday, as the U.K. agreed to deploy additional military forces in Syria alongside France to allow the U.S. to withdraw its troops from the ongoing fight against the remnants of Daesh.

According to U.S. officials, the U.K. and France are expected to increase their special forces in the region by 10 to 15 percent, although the exact numbers remain secret.

As the journal Foreign Policy and The Guardian reported, this development was perceived as "a major victory… for Donald Trump's national security team" because few other countries had been willing to help out.

Yet, the U.K. and France's support seem to not be enough for the U.S. to secure the YPG's condition since another report by the Danish daily Politiken said that the U.S. also demanded Denmark send ground troops to Syria and provide military training to YPG terrorists.

Danish officials have not yet responded to U.S. demands for military assistance to the YPG terrorists.

On Sunday, U.S. Special Representative on Syria James Jeffrey told German media, including the Die Welt newspaper, that Washington wants Berlin to put boots on the ground in northern Syria. Jeffrey, who was visiting Berlin for Syria talks, added that he expects an answer this month.

However, Berlin on Monday refused Washington's request to increase its military involvement in Syria.

The U.S. Syria policy, especially its military support for YPG terrorists, has been a cause of tension between Ankara and Washington. Ankara argues that one terrorist group cannot be used to fight another. Turkey sees the YPG as an extension of the PKK, which has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people in its 30-year terror campaign against Turkey.

The U.S., however, while listing the PKK as a terrorist group, maintains steadfast military support for the terrorist organization, by providing truckloads of military supplies and military training under the pretext of fighting Daesh at the expense of losing its NATO ally.

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