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Armenian lobby funds Fetullah Terrorist Organization

Read: 1628     20:59     18 December 2017    
The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) has close links with both Armenian lobby and PKK, head of the International Association to Fight Unfounded Armenian Allegations (ASİM-DER) Goksel Gülbey highlighted while commenting on FETO’s anti-Turkey activities with the Armenian lobby.

“FETO works together with the Armenian lobby and Soros fund. I can say for sure that it follows their instructions,” he said.

“The German Parliament adopted so-called “Armenian genocide” draft resolution due to the support of the FETO. After the results were announced, PKK representatives, who are non-members of the parliaments and FETO members, marked it together with the Armenian lobby representatives.

In 1964, FETO leader Fethullah Gülen addressed a letter to Pope and patriarchs of the Armenian lobby stating his recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide”. At that time, Fethullah Gülen and Abdullah Öcalan were members of the Turkish Association to Combat Communism. The US, which, one hand, handed over Öcalan to Turkey in 1990, took Fethullah Gülen to Pennsylvania on the other hand.

Gülbey said that Gülen is a secret Armenian. “Fethullah Gülen is a secret crypto-Armenian living in Turkey. His family is originally from Mush. Later, they settled in Erzurum. Currently, there is an Armenian association and several Armenian in Mush. Gülen does not conceal that he is Armenian and he is collaborating with them. The Armenian lobby funds FETO so that it can become more powerful. It also provided assistance to FETO to open schools in many countries,” said the Turkish official.

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