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Russian Army and Airborne Force receive Over 160 tanks and armored vehicles

Read: 2230     09:43     06 August 2020    

Over 160 tanks and other armored vehicles Delivered to the Russian land troops and Airborne Force in the first half of 2020, Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivoruchko told reporters.

"A total of 57 new and 104 repaired armored vehicles were delivered to the Army and the Airborne Force," the deputy defense minister said on Russia’s single military output acceptance day on Wednesday.

The military hardware delivered to the troops included BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicles, BMP-3 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and also T-72B and T-80 tanks, the deputy defense minister specified.

Kurgan Machine-Building Plant Executive Director Pyotr Tyukov said that the enterprise would deliver 85 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles to the troops this year and 68 of them had already been dispatched.

The Russian troops also received 543 new and 145 repaired vehicles, over 150 items of missile and artillery armament, more than 400,000 items of man-portable weapons and gear and over 2,000 parachute systems.

Uralvagonzavod Deputy CEO Vyacheslav Khalitov said that the defense manufacturer had delivered 22 Msta-S howitzers and 10 2S35 ‘Koalitsiya-SV’ self-propelled artillery guns. The delivery of 11 DT-10PM two-section tracked transporters is also underway, he added.

CEO of the Kalashnikov Group Dmitry Tarasov said that the gunmaker had delivered 37,500 latest AK-12 assault rifles planned for their delivery this year ahead of schedule. The Kalashnikov Group already started fulfilling its contractual obligations for 2021, he said.



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