"Plan" sözünə uyğun 1766 nəticə tapıldı!

Russian missile boats attack simulated enemy’s warships in Sea of Japan drills    

Read: 370     13:20     11 August 2018    

Three missile boats of Russia’s Pacific Fleet attacked a group of a notional enemy’s warships during drills in the Sea of Japan, Fleet Spokesman Captain 2nd Rank Nikolai Voskresensky told reporters on Saturday.


"In accordance with the combat training plan, three missile boats from the Pacific Fleet main base’s water area protection brigade held drills in the Sea of Japan as part of a strike group to organize the delivery of a joint missile strike against a sea target," says the statement obtained by TASS.

The missile boats practiced the entire algorithm of actions during an attack, excluding the missile launch.

The drills’ plan also included training to repel air attacks, provide assistance to a notionally distressed ship, receive and transfer fuel and cargoes while on the move.


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