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2,800 soldiers to go on international missions in 2018

Read: 340     12:54     11 January 2018    
At least 2,800 Portuguese soldiers are going to go on international missions in 2018, the joint chief of staff said on Tuesday, stressing the increase in the Afghanistan contingent.

Speaking at a press conference to present a balance of last year and the priorities for this one, General Pina Monteiro said 2,600 soldiers were involved in 2017, including rotations.

The general said that this number was “relevant” out of a total of about 28,000 men and women, given the available budget of €58 million last year, though this would be increased by another €1.5 million in 2018.

The Afghanistan mission would see the biggest increase, from 10 to 193 in that theatre of operations.

When asked about the risk, General Pina Monteiro said all missions comprised risk, referring to those in the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Mali and Somalia, which were “high” risk.

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