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Russian advanced armored vehicle Taifun to undergo trials at Army Games

Read: 718     10:57     21 May 2019    

The latest armored vehicle Taifun-PO designated for transporting the personnel of Igla surface-to-air missile systems will undergo riding tests at the ‘Clear Sky’ All-Army Games, the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District reported on Monday.

On the second day of the ‘Clear Sky’ stage of the All-Army Contest, the riding tests of two Taifun-PO combat vehicles will be held at the Army’s Yeisk air defense training center," the press office said.

The new armored vehicle will raise the mobility of air defense troops and boost their efficiency to repel enemy air targets, the Southern Military District said.

The Taifun is a family of enhanced protection armored vehicles developed by a pool of over 120 enterprises, which include the Urals Automobile Works, Kamaz truck maker, the Yaroslavl Motor Enterprise and the R&D Institute of Steel (the vehicle’s armor). The armored vehicles were demonstrated for the first time at a practice range in 2011 and at the Victory Day Parade in Moscow’s Red Square on May 9, 2014 (the Taifun-K model).

During the ‘Clear Sky’ contest, air defense teams will compete in their field skills of delivering fire against fast-speed air targets.

The Army Contest of air defense troops will come to an end on May 25. The winner team will represent Russia’s Armed Forces at the ‘Clear Sky’ international stage in August.



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