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Russia to invite US to International Army Games in 2019

Read: 642     12:30     25 October 2018    

Russia’s Defense Ministry will invite 86 countries, including the United States, to take part in the International Army Games-2019, Chief of the Russian Armed Forces’ Main Combat Training Directorate Ivan Buvaltsev said on Wednesday. "We will send out invitations to the defense ministries of 86 states to participate in the Games. For the first time, we will invite four countries: Mozambique, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar," Buvaltsev said at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center near Moscow, which had gathered over 100 representatives of defense ministries from 24 countries.

The invitations will be sent to the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and also 11 South American countries, he said. The United Kingdom, Germany, France and other European, Asian and African countries will also have a possibility to participate in the International Army Games next year, he noted.

The International Army Games-2018 brought together 189 teams from 32 countries, including Greece, which is a NATO member state. The International Army Games-2018 were held on July 28 - August 1. Algeria, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan and the Philippines participated in the International Army Games for the first time. Chief of the Russian Armed Forces’ Main Combat Training Directorate Buvaltsev earlier said that the fifth International Army Games will run on August 3-17.
The International Army Games-2019 are expected to be held on the territory of 11 countries and the competitions may take place for the first time in India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan, Buvaltsev said on Wednesday. "Work continues to distribute competitions. The bids for hosting the contests have come from ten states," Buvaltsev said.

As Russia’s Defense Ministry reported, the International Army Games-2019 are planned to be held in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The Games’ program will be expanded to 31 competitions from the current 28 contests.




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