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Russian military preparing to unleash first strikes in Syria since September

Read: 710     17:35     09 November 2018    

For the first time since September, the Russian forces are preparing to launch airstrikes against the terrorist groups inside Syria, a military source in Damascus said.

According to the military source, the Russian Air Force and Navy are preparing to unleash a massive assault against the ISIL in Southern and Eastern Syria, the AMN reported.

The source added that the Russian attack will be conducted in conjunction with the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) offensives in Toloul al-Safa (Southern Syria) and Al-Sham desert region (Eastern Syria).

The Russian Air Force temporarily halted their strikes on Toloul al-Safa region in order to convince ISIL to handover the Syrian civilians they took hostage in Sweida province.

However, ISIL repeatedly reneged on the agreements and forced the Syrian and Russian delegations to walk out of the negotiations with the terrorist group in Toloul al-Safa.

Making matters worse for ISIL, they no longer have the hostages anymore, which was a major bargaining chip for them during the negotiations.

This means the Russian and Syrian forces will conduct their attacks with full force, as the only people remaining in Toloul al-Safa region are the ISIL terrorists.

Fars news agency


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