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Tens of Al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army's Heavy Air, Ground Operations in Hama

Read: 1200     22:49     20 March 2018    

The Syrian army's air and ground forces launched joint operations on the al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Northern and Western Hama, inflicting tens of losses on the terrorists.

The Syrian air force pounded the al-Nusra positions and moves in the village of al-Manareh in Sahl al-Qab region as well as Latmin, Kafr Zita and the nearby areas in Northern Hama and the village of Tal al-Sakhar in Northwestern Hama.

Meantime, the Syrian army's artillery and missile units attacked terrorists' positions in al-Habit, Tal al-Sakhar, al-Latamineh, Kafr Zita and the roads used by the militants to send weapons to their comrades in Sahl al-Qab region, specially the villages of al-Qarqour, al-Amiqah and al-Tanjerah.

During the operations, tens of terrorists were killed and a large number of their arms and military equipment were smashed.

In a relevant development on Friday, the Syrian army troops exchanged heavy fire with the terrorists in Northeastern Hama and imposed control over three key villages, field sources reported.

The sources said that the army seized control over the villages of Beizoun, Safaf Abu al-Khayr and Ma'arsan after heavy fighting with terrorists in Northeastern Hama.

In the meantime, the terrorist groups lost control over Karnaz settlement after fierce clashes with the army men, the sources said, adding that the terrorists are readying to launch fresh attacks on the army to take back lost lands.  


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