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Czech Republic ready to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after the U.S. does the same

Read: 608     10:27     11 February 2019    

Czech Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar said that if the U.S. decides to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, the Czech Republic will do the same. It is reported by Novinky.

“If negotiations with the Taliban are successful and lead to internal political stability in Afghanistan, then security should improve. If it comes to reducing the number or complete withdrawal of American troops, then we will respond to it adequately. That is, if the Americans will leave Afghanistan, we will also leave there, ”the minister said.

According to the minister, the Czech Republic is closely monitoring the progress of negotiations in Afghanistan, analyzing the development of the situation in this country and, on this basis, is ready for further action.

“But so far no decision has been made. Representatives of the U.S. Congress have now stated that if Afghanistan remains under the same strong Islamist pressure, they will be against the withdrawal of troops. The command of the American army has a similar opinion,” said Metnar.

Note that the number of U.S. military contingent in Afghanistan is 14 thousand people. They both train Afghan colleagues and take part in separate counter-terrorism operations against terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State and the Taliban.

Earlier, Trump announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria and the victory over the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria. The U.S. Department of Defense also announced that it plans to provide "complete" and "fast" withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country.

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