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Turkey preparing to demonstrate new domestic armored combat vehicle

Read: 337     15:24     16 April 2018    

Turkey is preparing to demonstrate the PARS 6X6 IZCI new generation domestic armored combat vehicle at the 16th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference, DSA 2018, to be held in Malaysia April 19 this year, Turkish media reported citing the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of Turkey.

The PARS 6X6 IZCI is fully developed by Turkish engineers, the armored combat vehicle has the ability to run on water.

From 2011, Turkey has set up the production of mobile outposts that proved effective in fight against the militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and also the Canik TP9 handguns, unmanned ANKA aircraft and other military equipment to strengthen the domestic defense industry.


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