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Turkey decides to buy Ukrainian tank defense systems used in the Donbas

Read: 845     21:15     05 April 2018    

In February 2018, Turkey agreed to purchase the Ukrainian Zaslon-L active defense systems – which performed well in the Donbas – for more than 100 of its tanks.

This is a Ukrainian complex of active protection of armored vehicles, developed on the basis of the Soviet “Barrier” program of the 1980s. The deal was hastily organized after a massive loss of Turkish tanks in northwest Syria, which came under attack by anti-tank guided missiles, reports Strategy Page news outlet.

It was stated that the Zaslon system has been used by Ukraine since 2010, and it was also used on armored vehicles in battles against the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas. It was this combat experience that allegedly convinced the Turks to acquire the active protection system.

The news portal also reported that the Turks could not obtain similar protection from two other major producers – Israel and Russia.

In October, it became known that Turkey and Ukraine are implementing projects for the modernization of tanks and the development of aircraft and electronic systems. The defense industry is one of the main factors affecting the growth of trade between Turkey and Ukraine, report representatives of the Turkey.



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